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Uncover one of history’s greatest mysteries in Indiana Jones and the Great Circle™, a first-person, single-player adventure set between the events of Raiders of the Lost Ark™ and The Last Crusade™. The year is 1937, sinister forces are scouring the globe for the secret to an ancient power connected to the Great Circle, and only one person can stop them - Indiana Jones™. You’ll become the legendary archaeologist in this cinematic action-adventure game from MachineGames, the award-winning studio behind the recent Wolfenstein series, and executive produced by Hall of Fame game designer Todd Howard.

News and Updates

Indiana Jones and the Great Circle screenshot. Indiana Jones standing in a Sukhothai forest.

Indiana Jones and the Great Circle™ Debuts New Footage

The intrepid archaeologist’s latest adventure will launch later this year on Xbox Series X|S and PC. Get a taste of the action with new footage, debuted during the Xbox Showcase.

Indiana Jones and The Great Circle Gameplay Reveal

Become the legendary archaeologist in Indiana Jones and The Great Circle™, the new first-person action-adventure game from MachineGames in collaboration with Lucasfilm Games and executive produced by Todd Howard.

Lucasfilm Games & Bethesda Announce New Indiana Jones Game

Today, Lucasfilm Games and Bethesda Softworks announced a new Indiana Jones game, being developed by the award-winning studio, MachineGames, and executive produced by game industry icon Todd Howard of Bethesda Games Studios.

Indiana Jones looking over his shoulder in a storage room

You are Indiana Jones

Live the adventure as Indy in a thrilling story full of exploration, immersive action, and intriguing puzzles. As the brilliant archaeologist – famed for his keen intellect, cunning resourcefulness, and trademark humor – you will travel the world in a race against enemy forces to discover the secrets to one of the greatest mysteries of all time.

Indiana Jones and company traveling in a boat to explore the sunken temples of Sukhothai

A World of Mystery Awaits

Travel from the halls of Marshall College to the heart of the Vatican, the pyramids of Egypt, the sunken temples of Sukhothai, and beyond. When a break-in in the dead of night ends in a confrontation with a mysterious colossal man, you must set out to discover the world-shattering secret behind the theft of a seemingly unimportant artifact. Forging new alliances and facing familiar enemies, you’ll engage with intriguing characters, use guile and wits to solve ancient riddles, and survive intense set-pieces.

Using your whip against oncoming enemies

Whip-cracking Action

Indiana’s trademark whip remains at the heart of his gear and can be used to distract, disarm, and attack enemies. But the whip isn’t just a weapon, it’s Indy’s most valuable tool for navigating the environment. Swing over unsuspecting patrols and scale walls as you make your way through a striking world. Combine stealth infiltration, melee combat, and gunplay to combat the enemy threat and unravel the mystery .

Walking through Giza as pyramids and the Great Sphinx of Giza stand in the background

The Spirit of Discovery

Venture through a dynamic mix of linear, narrative-driven gameplay and open-area maps. Indulge your inner explorer and unearth a world of fascinating secrets, deadly traps and fiendish puzzles, where anything could potentially hide the next piece of the mystery – or snakes. Why did it have to be snakes?

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